Question about Chanting

This question is mostly to the lay buddhists in the forum.
When you go to the monastary, do you perform /chant the Vandanâ, Ti-sarana and the panca-sila. ?

Hi Cultivator,

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: On Sundays I often go to our local Thai monastery where we do those chants, and a few others, and finally the offering of requisites to the Sangha. Then it is lunchtime… I find the reinforcement of refuges and precepts, and the sense of community, very helpful. It’s possible to do the same thing on Uposatha days as well, but that’s less convenient for people who work…

In other contexts, I have occasionally visited Wats in Thailand, where typically there is a “duty monk” who will receive donations. Typically you put some money in a box, and take a pre-prepared basket of requisites to present to the monk.



Hi Mikenz66

Thank you for your reply.
As aperson who do not work but only concentrate on cultivation of buddha dhamma i find your answer very good :slight_smile: Personally i do not go to the monastary often because of distance, but i agree that talking with the monks in the Wat thai monastary is very good for my cultivation. And the chanting do give a form of calmness when study dhamma.
I do not live in a monastary but in a regular home, but do not take part in society in common way. So if it can be said i am between the two ways of living.