Question for iPhone ibooks users about Bhikkhu Bodhi series


Did any user buy the Bhikkhu Bodhi suttanipata? Because I want to know if it’s really done fully digitally for iBooks. Because in the store it says the iBook version is unavailable but then when you preview it gives you a preview in iBook with a price as if you can buy it.

I have the digital version from Wisdom, as well as the book itself. They had a sale on digital versions a while ago, so I completed my collection.

I don’t know about Apple readers, but presumably you can convert from EPUB, etc. I’m using EPUB format, which works for me on Linux (using Calibre) and Android (using some Android app that I don’t recall…).


Yes, the iBooks App can open the epub files directly, as can the Google Play Books App. Purchasing directly from Wisdom means that Apple (or Google) can’t take a commission, and gives you greater freedom to take the file with you to other apps / devices.


Thanks so much. Now I know. :pray:t4::hugs:

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