Question to meditators

Is there anyone here on the forum who has experienced that the body’s sensory organs increase the sensitivity after a longer time of meditation?

Such as being extra alert on sounds and on contact with the body. example with contact on the skin feels like burning sensation or pain.


Yes. Many people report that sense experiences are richer and more vivid after longer periods of meditation.

Why do you ask?


Thank you for the reply.

I ask because this is what happens right now to me in my practice of meditation. In my case my ears hurts because of the sensibility to sounds, and my thought was i had to do with my meditation.
I did know that we as meditators would experience change in body senses but i may have not expected it to be so overwhelming.


Indeed, “all is burning. And what is the all that is burning? … The ear is burning. Sounds are burning. Ear consciousness is burning. Ear contact is burning. … Seeing this, a learned noble disciple grows disillusioned with the ear, sounds, and hearing. They grow disillusioned with the painful, pleasant, or neutral feelings that arise conditioned by ear contact. … Being disillusioned, desire fades away. When desire fades away, they’re freed.” ~ SN35.28



:pray: Thank you :slight_smile: