Random Sutta

Hey there friends,

I’m seeing random sitta mentioned in a few places. Just curious if there I is link to generating a random Sutta aside from the one posted on the main page.

This would be a great feature not only for personal use, but for other websites or Buddhist media platforms could use the url to direct traffic here to view more of the Suttas. This could be deemed a performance or delighter feature as it is a widely used feature on a comparable website.


I am not sure it’s actually random (probably not, I think) but Sutta Central voice has Inspire Me! button.




The Voice Inspire Me! button randomly chooses a search pattern that brings up a list of closely connected suttas. Some suttas are summaries, others delve in depth. Returning a list of suttas allows one to study a concept in depth and in relation to other concepts. For example, here are the suttas one would see for root of suffering, which is one of the inspirational, random search phrases.

We are working on multi-lingual support as well. For example, Anagarika Sabbamitta is curating a list of German search terms for Such mir etwas aus!, which is the German version of Inspire Me!. Just now Deutsche Voice found me zwei Toren and I also just now learned that Tor is both a gate and a fool! :open_mouth:

Such is the wonder of random suttas in multiple languages!


Very cool Karl! Thanks for all the work you put into the Voice app. I am an avid reader though And it inspires me to read random Suttas as I go through my day. A random sutta function for sutta central translations would be a great benefit to all. Thanks again.