Ratana sutta chanting

I’m curious why there seems to be a big chunk in the middle of the sutta that is skipped when it is chanted namely…

It sort of goes from this verse…

then onto this verse…

Just curious :-), thanks in advance for your answers :pray:

Yes! This is more common in the Thai tradition. It’s just an abridged version, nothing secretibe or anti-doctrine or anything untoward.

Often the paritta chants are done in combination with others and abridging it may be simply to shorten it. It’s quite common when chanting the suttas to have multiple starting points tthroughout a single chant, or to chant multiple suttas stitched together, or to chant only a small section. The latter also happens with the Metta Sutta where (again in the Thai tradition) only the last part might be chanted from time to time.


Thank you Bhante, much appreciated :pray:

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Can confirm this is not done in Sri Lanka to my knowledge.