Reading “A Concise History of Buddhism”

I’m all over those recommended Gombrich talks but Going back to the book that originally started this thread (A Concice History of Buddhism) I’m up to an interesting part as he writes about the origins and themes of the Mahayana sutras. Heart Lotus etc. Are they just various loose Sutras revered by Mahayana schools or do they have a complete canon of their own?

I have a friend who has recommended I read some of the sutras, but I understand Mahayana is quite diverse and there are many different schools. They do accept the early teachings of the Buddha, but they regard them as “incomplete.” As I understand it, the early teachings are regarded as overly focused on individual realisation and there isn’t enough focus on compassion and benefit to all living beings.

Yes. A description of Sri Lanka embedded within a description of Thailand. The views of two very different people. Gombrich is indeed an accomplished scholar, what was called “an Indologist”: in itself an ‘interesting’ designation.

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That’s not how I read it.

Dhammika’s view:

In Sri Lanka it is widely believed that it is not possible to become enlightened anymore and it’s not just simple folk who believe this either.

Gombrich’s view:

Richard Gombrich found this same idea to be widely held in Sri Lanka.

Two views, one which appears to be a paraphrase of the other, both pertaining to Sri Lanka. Where did you get Thailand from?

Broken-Buddha-27.4.2020.pdf (1.5 MB)
the Broken Buddha.

I’m not disputing that S Dhammika made that statement about Sri Lanka. Actually I don’t want to dispute anything.

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I still don’t know where you got “Thailand” from. The word “Thailand” does not appear in the extract I quoted from. I am sure the word appears elsewhere in the book, but not sure how that’s relevant to the extract/quotation.

I apologise.
I thought the context of the quotation relevant.
I withdraw from this discussion.
See you in class this evening.

I have heard it spoken many times from respected monks such as Ajahn Sumedho that, ‘Liberation is apparent here and now’. Keep investigating Ancientmariner :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

And he’s been around long enough to know lol thank you friend

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