Reading of privacy policy and rules


Is there someone so intent on not lying that he reads all the companies’ privacy policies and sets of rules before clicking “I read and I accept” ?

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I actually did meet someone like that back as a layman in California. He wasn’t a Buddhist and was a bit… eccentric… but I admired his commitment to absolute honesty.

You’d be surprised how many of those Terms and Conditions are actually impossible to read, even if you wanted to! He’d routinely run into broken links, never-ending cascades of "by agreeing to this, you also agree to…"s, etc…

Honestly, such contracts shouldn’t even be legal… but what can you do?

He ended up having to largely avoid modern technology entirely.


I briefly skim it for a few seconds so that I “read” it. I also “accept” whatever the terms are even if I don’t have detailed knowledge of what they may be…

Perhaps I should be admonished…

For me, language is context specific. The same language means different things in different contexts. This becomes significant when it comes to determining if I am about to lie or tell the truth. My benchmark is: ‘Am I trying to deceive?’ This can work both ways of course, sometimes I might be about to deceive by not saying anything as much as by saying something untrue.

In the case of those ‘contacts’, everyone knows that hardly anyone reads them, so my belief is that there is no deception intended by clicking that I’ve read them.

It seems sometimes that companies know that people will say “I read it” without having read it. Otherwise, how can these texts be so long ? At my past post office, if you wanted to send a package, you had you read a huge text in the very short time that you had…

This can give a bit of sadness, to see that now lying is the normal thing and it’s commonly accepted by every customers and companies, unofficially of course. At least it, it seems like this.

I wanted to create an account on Github, but my goodness … The text is so long for me. I ended up abandonning my project.

Even when I wanted to buy a flight ticket for Thailand or Burma, gosh … a torture…

That’s why I created this topic. I was curious about other people’s way of respecting the not-lying precept in regard to this :slight_smile:

I admit myself that I don’t read privacy policy and rules. Life’s too short for all that.

When I accept, I take responsibility on my part by accepting, along with the consequences of the agreement.

It’s important to remember that it’s about one’s intention, and if you’re not intending anything untoward and not out to deceive or harm anyone, that’s what matters.

Which is why you should always be careful who and/or what you sign up to, that’s were a little bit of
background research comes in handy with regard to the company and/or service.