Reading recommendations on Sila/Practicing Virtue

I found a few inspiring talks or passages on practicing good virtue and I’d like to find more. I found a dhamma talk by Doug Soloman particularly inspiring since he seems to be practicing well and seems to have a good grasp of sila. Stillness Flowing had some great examples of Ajahn Chah practicing the Vinya on tudong that I found inspiring for my practice too. I do have a list of suttas addressed to laymen that I enjoy readying but I’d like to read more examples of sila in action.

Does anyone have any recommendations for books or essays that discuss sila or give examples of people practicing excellent sila as a layperson or monastic?


Try the above list.
With Metta

In my library you’ll find folders for lay practice and Thai Buddhism as well as for ethics and overcoming difficulties in our practice. Can’t guarantee you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for but perhaps something in there will be useful for you :smile:


Thank you bhante! You do have a few interesting essays to keep me going for a while, it should get me started at the very least.

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