References related to early buddhism

references-related-to-early-buddhism.pdf (222.4 KB)


*some of the important works of contemporary scholars are missing.
*the sources are mostly related to early Buddhist sectarianism.

other sources related to early buddhism by well known shcolars,

R.A.L.H. Gunawardana Vol.XXVII & XXVIII 2001-2002 No.1&2.pdf (2.8 MB)
The Dating of the Historical Buddha_A review article_JRAS_Cousins_1996.pdf (2.0 MB)
earlybuddhist.pdf (503.9 KB)
oral transmission.pdf (506.3 KB)
how buddhism began.pdf (691.1 KB)
Theravada Buddhism_Gombrich.pdf (2.3 MB)
Early Buddhist Metaphysics_Ronkin.pdf (2.0 MB)

*chung mun keat - fundamental teachings of early buddhism
*what the buddha taught R. Gombrich
*foundations of buddhism R. Gethin
*Gandharan buddhism - Edited by Pia Brancaccio
and Kurt Behrendt
*BUDDHISM Critical Concepts in religious studies edited by paul williams
*principles of buddhist psychology D.Kalupahana


chung correct to: choong

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