Reflection for Christmas night 2018

To all of the Kalyana mittas at Sutta Central and the Forum,

Taking the time on this Christmas night, to feel the joy of Dhamma in the world, and to all those who come here to share, learn and to spread Dhamma in the world

I’ve found myself humming this all afternoon.

(To the tune of “I’m Dreaming of a white Christmas”)

:musical_score: I’m dreaming of a Samadhi Christmas, Just full of Sila and Joy.
Where loved ones come together,
give and take with pleasure,
and spread metta through the world… :notes:

With best wishes to you all :anjal: :sparkling_heart: :christmas_tree::sparkles: :heartpulse:


Thank you for the “best” wishes! I would have settled for “good” or even “slightly above average” wishes, so thanks for going the extra yojana!