Regarding my previous attempt to post

Hello again,

I didn’t read that personal matters shouldn’t be posted here I apologize. I’ve been watching this Ajahn Brahm talk this morning

I feel much better now. I haven’t listened to the entire talk yet but I feel my perspective has changed and I feel much lighter as if I had put down what was troubling me.

I’m sorry for wasting whoever read my first post time, I was experiencing great distress, and I’m glad it hasn’t become public because so far it’s no longer an issue.

Thank you very much.


If the views are put in general terms of dhamma and avoid a personal perspective, then they can be presented for discussion.


My previous post is still pending to be moderated before being posted. My intention with this post was to tell the moderator/s that reads pending posts that my issues is most likely fixed, I didn’t know it would be posted haha. I expected it to become pending just like my first one.

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If you want to talk with the moderators, you can send a message to @moderators.

Welcome to the forum!


Thanks for communicating openly and kindly, it helps build a good community.