Remembering user choices

@Blake, what would you recommend to use for remembering user’s choices? I can make some cookie-thingy or localStorage but I was wondering if you had different ideas., but this element is depricated

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I’m guessing the non-depreciated equivilant is

hmmm … yes, I have been trying to avoid the app-elements and just use paper and iron. But it seems that they have started depricating certain items in favor of the app-elements. Like the paper-drawer-panel and paper-toolbar I’ve been using for the navbar have now been depricated in favor of app-layout:

So I guess I will have to start revamping the site to use those instead. I notice that these are also Polymer 2.0-compatible.
Any thoughts on this? @Sujato?

On a separate note, does not seem to be updating with the latest changes.