Remove Wrong Speech?

To speculate ad infinitum, and fractiously* on the nature of anatta and nibbana is also clearly dismissed as unwholesome by the Peaceful One. But here, delight in the thicket of views is allowed and even encouraged by “seniors.”

Facts… treat them as you will, draw your own conclusions, practice the path.

Or not.

  • Edit @ +4hrs…

I used the wrong word. “Fractious” does not reflect my intention. It implies “unruly troublemaking” and would be the mundane (worldly, not unimportant) sphere of moderation which should properly concern itself with civility, TOS, etc.

I meant to use “Factious” without the “r.”
This word means “inclined to the formation of factions.” The Buddha, as I understand it, was not a fan.

This is an issue of Dhamma… not the purview of moderators, but “management.”
My apologies for any confusion or perceived ingratitude.