Renunciation as Redemption: "Wandering": New Film of Forest Monastics

" When Nob, an aging Thai villager, loses his job, his son, and his wife in quick succession, he turns to drink to soothe his pain. As he wanders drunkenly through Thailand’s dense jungles without hope or purpose, an encounter with a solitary forest monk sparks a desire in him to rectify his failures and commit to the monastic life. This award-winning drama is a story not of redemption but of renunciation, and it offers a rare look into a Thai forest monk’s ascetic practice. "

“As I had ordained for ten years, I’ve been wanting to make a movie about Buddhism,” said Boonsong. “I waited for the right time to become more mature and proficient in filmmaking. This is the right time to tell the story as society decays morally and most monk movies are slapstick comedies, dark, or presented in a styleless manner.”