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The previous UI worked on iOS. Is it possible to detect the useragent and serve iOS users the old UI? (Not a demand, just brainstorming a quick fix)


At the moment we have no developers working for us who can do this. But there is a new version for the sidebar in the pipeline so I hope that will solve a lot of issues.

In the mean time, if you know the suttanumber, you can simply type that in as in


I’m not sure if this is a bug or it might have been reported already.

Whilst reading SN 1.10: Wilderness - Aranna Sutta, I had the ‘view original text with translation’ turned on. I’ve tried both ‘side by side’ and ‘line by line’. And it seems to display extra verses in pali…see screen shot below.


These are not verses belonging to the sutta. They are just statements that the chapter is finished, and a summary of the content. :smiley:


Thankyou :anjal:


Oppo r 17 colour os based on android.

Look what I’m trying to do here. The first reply was deleted within a minute and now cannot be recovered or edited.


Turning on Pali+English turns off PTS page numbers. This can be frustrating when working from books that use the PTS referencing…

Even when you can see the PTS numbers, it’s not possible to search for them, due to the way that they are displayed…


Yes, this is a design decision: otherwise you end up with so many numbers in some cases it is impossible to display them all properly. We will revisit this at some point and and figure out a more flexible approach.

You can just use ctrl + f to search the numbers. True, you can’t search the prefix (PTS vp pli), but why do you need to? Usually just write the page number and there you are.


Hmm, yes, that’s true, I was overlooking that…

I see I can work around this by turning off Pali, searching, clicking on one of the tags, so that I will be able to return to the paragraph, scroll to the top, turn on Pali, then reload the page…



Well, when you put it like that … :wink:

I’ll make an issue to revisit this design choice when we revise the text pages.


Making something this complex work smoothly for all users is always going to be difficult…

If you are thinking about changes, being able to more easily toggle the Pali (and stay in the same place!) would help this issue, and would also be helpful when reading in English, but wanting to occasionally switch to line-by-line Pali (in a long sutta…).



Yes, that’s already in the pipeline.

As is a more fundamental rethink of how we handle references.


Thanks. That sounds great.


This was hilariously diplomatic. :heart:


Not a bug, a suggestion. A dislike button, or a frown button or a warning button. An anonymous what I find offensive about your post button?


This thread is for the main SC site, not this forum. The forum uses a software app called “Discourse” which we use with only a few cosmetic tweaks. If you’d like to make suggestions for the use of the forum, they have a forum for that!


I didn’t use suttacentral for a while, but I have it on 2 PC’s both Ubuntu base and I noticed the offline system doesn’t work anymore.
I’ve tried many configurations like trying with reinstalled chrome and chromium, choosing different languages and options, clearing the download history etc.
I’ve also installed it on a fresh PC and it also didn’t worked - when I go to certain vagga or sutta it shows that I am offline.
I’ve noticed that few month ago when I was installing this offline option it downloaded many files, and now it’s only few and it’s happening faster(I guess the suttas were separated and now they are in packs).


Thanks for the bug report. Sorry to give you the bad news, but I just tested the offline use, and it works fine.

I can’t say what the problem is, but I think it is at your end. Could it be a network issue? It shouldn’t need a great network, but a very poor one will not help.

Otherwise it could be to do with device storage, or perhaps any plugins you may have in your browser.

If none of these things seem to be the problem, open the dev tools when the download has finished (right click + “Inspect”), then look at “console”. See if there are any errors, copy them or take a screenshot and share them here.

Thanks once more for your help!



The definition of nidāna in the New Concise Pali English Dictionary seems wrong to me. It is defined there as follows:

 free from fever; free from distress (see  *[dara](* )

But wouldn’t that mean that the head word should be “nidara”? There is a PED entry for “sadara” which would presumably correspond to a “nidara”. However “nidara” doesn’t show up in the SC search even as an element of a compound.



Yes, this is a bug, all the entries somewhere in “ni” got shifted one out. We have fixed it, and the changes will propagate in due course.