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I’m playing around with an android phone and when using Firefox to view DD, I got a PWA prompt to add to my home screen as an app. Worked great. So I went to the main site, same thing, added it to home screen. The problem? On the Home screen, they are identical. Same icon, same “Sutta Central” label.

That for sure seems like a bug. At least the icons should be different. But really DD should say Discuss & Discover.


My solution was to remember which one I put to which place… :woman_shrugging: But I would warmly welcome a nicer solution! :heart:

If you consider to change the icon for one of them I would however recommend not to just make the flower black & white since this is the logo for Voice—and we would run into new confusion. :sweat_smile:


Thanks you Bhante.
Some time ago I’ve reinstalled the SC Offline everywhere and it is working again, no special errors in console also.

I would have tho another question. On some devices I am using Iridium browser which is Chromium based. I could find a info about if they kicked out PWA, but I am no able to download offline content(grey buttons) and I was wondering whether the code on that page is simply just to check if I’m using chrome/chromium or/also if my browser have PWA?


Yes, we have an inverted color icon that we should use for D&D. I’ll look into it.

To be honest I’m not sure exactly what it checks for. It may indeed look for browser names. I’ll make an issue for it and we will revise it hopefully next year sometime. When we started PWA was a new concept, I think it has matured since then, so we should go back and check that everything is still according to latest standards.


Has this been reported? PTS numbers and other numbers leaking into the main text in AN 11


Yikes, that’s not good. I have checked our new data sources and the bug appears to be fixed there. So we will probably just wait for this to be rolled out, hopefully in the next month or two.


When selecting some text, if the textual information is activated, part of the textual information is selected with the text:

If copied, paste result is (in preformatted text):

They practice breathing in experiencing the whole body. They practice breathing out experiencing the whole body.

[6]( practice breathing in stilling the body’s motion. They practice breathing out stilling the body’s motion.

[7](’s like a deft carpenter or carpenter’s apprentice. When making a deep cut they know: ‘I’m making a deep cut,’ and when making a shallow cut they know: ‘I’m making a shallow cut.’

I tried on Brave and Firefox, bug is the same on both.


This is a feature not a bug: you can turn Textual Information on and copy the text with the numbers and links, or turn it off and just get the plain text. If the bug is that it doesn’t get all the numbers, this is not the case, you just have to be careful where selecting, eg:

1.2At one time the Buddha was staying near Sāvatthī in Jeta’s Grove, Anāthapiṇḍika’s monastery. ekaṃ samayaṃ bhagavā sāvatthiyaṃ viharati jetavane anāthapiṇḍikassa ārāme.

1.3Then, late at night, a glorious deity, lighting up the entire Jeta’s Grove, went up to the Buddha, bowed, stood to one side, and said to him, Atha kho aññatarā devatā abhikkantāya rattiyā abhikkantavaṇṇā kevalakappaṃ jetavanaṃ obhāsetvā yena bhagavā tenupasaṅkami; upasaṅkamitvā bhagavantaṃ abhivādetvā ekamantaṃ aṭṭhāsi. Ekamantaṃ ṭhitā kho sā devatā bhagavantaṃ etadavoca:


Ah ok, apologizes! I see now, it makes sense.

With that in mind, I have a follow-up question then!
If I copy/paste in this online input field on this forum webpage, I get this for example:

## 1. Talk on Wanderers

[-cs1.1]([-vp-pli1.1]([1]( i have heard. 

While if I copy/paste the exact same thing on a Word or text file, I get this:

1. Talk on Wanderers

-cs1.1-vp-pli1.11so i have heard.

Noob question, but how come the links and additional formatting is not kept when pasting in a text file in comparison to pasting in a webpage?

In any case, the format of the textual references in the text file is not really readable… Is it because this feature is designed to work mostly with online apps and not so much with manual copy-pasting and text files?


Copy and paste is designed to work with many different types of data. Generally speaking, the source and destination of copy and paste need not know anything about each other. In terms of text, destination applications will choose to accept whatever they understand. An application that only knows plain text will not get Markdown text. So what you see depends entirely on the destination application, not the source. In this case it is the browser itself which is handling all this as the source application. SuttaCentral itself isn’t doing the copy and paste. The browser does that.


Thank you for your explanation! Very interesting, I hadn’t realized that simply right-click-copying text on a webpage was also copying additional things such as Markdown data, I though it was just copying the text displayed… :+1: