Reports on the awakening of Gotama - is there an index into the suttas of the canon?

I’ve recently told someone, that in a sutta about the awakening of the then Buddha, the ascetic had reflected his actual mental process along the line: “because I recalled to have behaved earlier in line with the requirements of the 8fold path, I could be sure, that my awakening is true and no fiction” - or something similar like this. I have the exact phrases not present, and even did not notice the sutta-index on some card/database or so. Now I’m looking for that sutta to see what was the exact telling. (I think it was not Mn26, not A VIII.11 and not the vinaya-reference)

But because this is not the first time I am searching for the/a sutta, I thought, if there is an index of the awakening suttas, I could scan through them - with the collateral advantage to reread/refresh memory :slight_smile: - .

So my question is obvious: is there such an index, perhaps enriched with some keywords?

There are several indexes on SC. You find them if you scroll to the bottom of the home page—or click here. But be aware of errors in them (like links not working etc.)!

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Vielen Dank, Ayya! I’m looking there and try to find my sought sutta… :slight_smile:

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Viel Glück dabei! :four_leaf_clover: :lady_beetle: