Request for Ven. Pannobhāsa's translation of the Sn Aṭṭḥakavagga to be uploaded

It’s a free for distribution book under creative commons and a solid translation.


Many thanks for this! And also a warm welcome to D&D!

Sounds like it would be great to add. Do you have a link to the translation? Do you know what formats it’s available in? If it’s already exists, for example, as an HTML, or even .doc/.odt it should be very easy to prepare for SC. If, for example, it’s only available as a pdf then it may be a bit more labour-intensive to add. Either way, once I have a link to some source or other, I can certainly add it to the to-do list, and either do it myself at some point (the Aṭṭḥakavagga is one of my favourite collections of texts in the Canon) or invite any interested volunteers.


Aside from SC and D&D my internet is limited throughout the weekdays. For now I can only provide the website given in the book - - should that not work I’d be happy to search further come Saturday.

It’s a small work, therefore, I’d be happy to provide some volunteer assistance. Since the translation comes side-by-side with Pāli, perhaps that could be prepared for SC as well. In the same way as Venerable Sujato’s work.


I couldn’t find this particular translation, however, I did find this public domain work which looks very interesting: Buddhist Legends Volume III

Much thanks, however, unfortunately I can seem to find any mention of the book or translator never mind the translation itself.

In principle this sounds cool to me (although, of course, the translation would need to match up to the SC Pali segments rather than the ones in the book); however, for the moment all new projects using segmented texts are on hold while a new translation engine in being built. I’m not 100% sure when things will get going with that (hopefully soonish), but to my mind as the future is segmentation, it would be great to wait for a bit so it can be done like so. Best for Bhante @sujato to advise (just to note, he may not be around to answer for a few days).


Neat! Sadhu! I’ll note it down.


I agree. it won’t be hard to segment, as it is pure verse.

I have a copy, but only a hand-written one. It’d be a pleasant task to type it out for someone who is interested. Meanwhile, if a digitized version exists that would be nice!


That’s strange. The book was published a few years back - things may have changed or it hasn’t been uploaded to begin with.

This evening I’ve got some free time. First I’ll do a web search for a digital copy and if nothing is available I’ll begin transcribe to a word document.


Well that would be excellent.

(Hint: use a good text editor such as Sublime Text or Atom, and write in plain text or markdown. Word processing programs have no place in serious text preparation.)


Found a pdf

I’ll work on transferring the English translation into Notepad. @sujato Unfortunately, I don’t have the admin rights to add either of those text apps. Notepad should suffice though no?


Wonderful! Thanks so much!

Yes, absolutely.

Just to say though, I know that at least Sublime has a portable version (no installation required), and I’d guess Atom probably does as well (but I haven’t checked), and there’s also VS Code (I know, right! Microsoft made an awesome product, who would have thunk it! :grin: ) which could well have a portable version, too (again, I haven’t checked).


Just to update:


Atom is open source, anyone can install it on any machine; VScode is similar. Sublime works fine, too, you just get a nag notice every so often suggesting you pay for a licence.

Notepad works, but it doesn’t offer any features like spellcheck, etc.

But anyway, it looks like it’s going ahead, thanks so much.


I think Venerable meant that he didn’t have admin rights to install stuff on his machine…? I had that in my previous job, hence the suggestion of portable versions. In any case, in the PM Venerable forwarded the .txt linked in the ticket above, he mentioned he got Sublime so all is hunky-dory.



Thanks, Timothy! :pray:


Everyone, I apologize for being behind the 8-ball on this, but it turns out the author of this text is a nazi. I have seen an image of him making a Hitler salute to a Buddha image. He publishes lengthy anti-semitic hate speech among other things. I will not have his text on SuttaCentral.


Well that took me down a rabbit hole :flushed:… only took about 5 minutes until it started taking a bizarre turn… 10 minutes before I found posts and links to videos of him associating with a proud Nazi.
It’s unfortunate to see that nazi still associating with buddhism, and if that wasn’t bad enough, now you have this “monk” befriending him and doing videos with him. It hurts my head every time I see that guy.

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