'responsive' links (suggestion)

the idea is to have links of parallels respond to whatever language of translation is selected, pointing to the page of parallel with the same language translation, default to point to English translation at the lack of translation into the respective language, and finally fall back on the original language text if English isn’t available either

it doesn’t seem logical that all parallels links always point to the text in Pali or another original language

for example for DN 16 there’s a parallel of Ud 6.1, the selected language of translation is German, however despite the availability of Ud 6.1 German translation, the link points to Pali text

That’s an interesting idea, we’ll bear it in mind. And thanks for thinking about how to make SC better.

Going forward, one of our main aims will be to develop a fully localized site. The titles, menus, and everything will be in your language. In that kind of environment it would make perfect sense for the parallel links to point to the relevant translation.

When that is launched, the current view will become the “expert” view, mainly intended for people who have some familiarity with the original languages. In that case, keeping the links as they are would be best.

that’s an ambitious plan :thumbsup: :thumbsup: