Revised "link to selected text" feature

@blake has fixed and updated the very cool “link to selected text” feature on SC.

What this means is that you can highlight any span of text, and a popup will appear with a link for that span. Like this:

You can then go to that URL and it will open at the point in the text, with the relevant span of text highlighted.

This is a great way to share quotes and specific references to suttas.

As you can see, the SC onebox feature doesn’t work with this yet, but that is on the to-do list. When that is worked out, you’ll be able to paste these URLs here in Discourse and see the highlighted snippet of text in context.

One serious limitation: so far this only works in Chrome. In Firefox it doesn’t work, and we haven’t tested IE, so if anyone wants to let us know in the unlikely event that it works that’d be great. This is an advanced bit of web javascript programming, and it will take a little while to fully realize its potential. But right now you can copy and share links to specific spans of text.

important note: to copy the link into the clipboard a user must click once on the popup with the mouse left button

guys are you by chance planning to refine the search function? limiting the search by a type of collection and its subdivisions would be cool

It would indeed. I often find myself thinking, it’s a simile of such and such, or a verse that says such and such, and it’s in the such and such nikaya…

This is on our to-do list for search.

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