Rhys Davids translation of DN23 missing crucial bits

Close to the end of the sutta the following needs to be inserted immediately before the phrase: ‘He would indeed, Master Kassapa/ https://suttacentral.net/en/dn23/101

‘No indeed, Master Kassapa.’

‘So is it, Prince, with that sort of sacrifice. But where, Prince, neither oxen are slain, nor goats, nor fowls and pigs, nor are divers creatures put an end to, and those that partake of the sacrifice have right views, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right endeavour, right mindfulness, right rapture, such a sacrifice is of great fruitfulness, of great profit, of great renown, of widespread effect. It is just as if a farmer, Prince, were to enter a wood, taking with him plough and seed, and were there, in a well-tilled tract, in favourable soil well cleared of stumps, to plant seed that was unbroken, free from mildew, unspoilt by wind or heat, in season and in good condition, and the god were to give good rain in due season. Would those seeds grow, increase, expand, and would the farmer get abundant returns?’

The word ‘caving’ should be replaced with ‘giving’. Although i kinda like the idea that we who are looking for merit should look for it in a cave :wink: https://suttacentral.net/en/dn23/104

and then immediately after ‘caving’, the following should be inserted:

‘In your gift, sir, such food as gruel and broken meats are given which you, sir, would not touch with your foot, much less eat ; also coarse ball-fringed robes which you, sir, would not deign to use as carpets, much less to wear. You, sir, are pleasant and dear to us; how are we to associate what is pleasant and dear with what is unpleasant?’

Then after ‘I, sir, am prince Pāyāsi.’ https://suttacentral.net/en/dn23/109 there should be inserted

‘Wert thou not once of the opinion that there was no other world, no rebirth other than of parents, no fruit or result of deeds well or ill-done?’

There are also a couple of errant slashes (/) and stars (*) that have been left in from the OCR.


Thank you for your feedback. I will take care.

I’ve uploaded it and it will be visible in the next few days. Thanks for the detailed description of the errors!

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