Robes made from recycled plastic


Environmental awareness:


Very cool.


I wouldn’t be so fast to think this wise. Fibers that shed from these robes will last in the environment for years, perhaps thousands of years.

Microfibers from synthetic clothing can make their way into seafood and drinking water every time the garments are washed

The Tiny Plastics in Your Clothes Are Becoming a Big Problem

Researchers have found that these well intended brands may be doing more harm than good by introducing recycled plastic clothing into the wash cycle. Apparently, microfibers — tiny synthetic threads less than 1 mm in size — may actually be the biggest source of plastic in the ocean. And many of them may come from simply washing synthetic clothing.




Thank you for introducing those viewpoints. I was reading a few articles last week about how much plastic people ingest from drinking water bottles! Crazy.


Oxo- degradable plastics are starting to appear, but their value is questioned:


Not really about plastic, but on the same topic, has anybody seen the CNN Business video on the carbon neutral cement? Very interesting. The Co2 is turned into a solid, and then mixed into the concrete somehow.


The main problem with plastic is that there’s now just too much of it in circulation. Alternatives are needed, eg replacing plastic carrier bags with paper bags, also phasing out plastic bottles, reducing plastic packaging, etc.