Role of celibacy in Buddhism

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My thought on this is that celibacy is a needed foundation for samdhi; deeper meditations. Sexual activity is a sense pleasure, and it is an important part of a loving relationship, and a healthy mundane activity when employed within the precepts of nonharming. But, the idea is that to get to the stillness and the liberation from bodily and emotional sense pleasures, and gravitate toward the piti and sukha of the jhanas, we need to divorce ourselves from mundane sense pleasures and gravitate toward the true happiness found in samadhi.

I think this is why celibacy, renunciation, mindfulness, ethics, Vinaya, and all of the other attributes of the Buddha’s Sangha have been instituted and continue to this day; the premium is placed on jhanas, and these attributes are part of the foundation of the practice that the Buddha placed above all others. Seclude yourself, find the empty huts, the roots of trees and practice jhanas…


What’s more when the bliss of meditation is more and more pleasurable a one is simply losing interest in having sex. Mediation starts to be far more pleasurable, easier to access and without problems connected with sexual activity :slight_smile: