SA 474 Parallels

Currently I see that the parallels listed for SA 474 are SN 36.1-2, but I do not see much in terms of common content there. Actually it is SN 36.11 that is almost an exact parallel to SA 474. Best regards.

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Actually, as parallel of SA 474 there is listed SN 36.15-16.
It is SA 473 that lists SN 36.1 as a parallel.

Oh, that’s right, that’s a mistake in my original post.

I should have simply written that the direct parallel to SA 474 is SN 36.11.

They are basically the same text as far as I can tell.

Thank you @llt, I’ve added it to the list. Will take a little while to show up on the site.

Thanks for your help. :smile_cat: