Saṃyukta Āgama mistaken titles (805-809)

Hello, I believe there are a few mistakes in the titles for the Saṃyukta Āgama (T 99). The current sequence is:

SA 805 = 福利等
SA 806 = 阿黎瑟吒
SA 807 = 罽賓那
SA 808 = 一奢能伽羅
SA 809 = 迦摩

I’ve checked in an index here, but it appears the error also exists there. The corrected sequence would be…

SA 805 = 阿黎瑟吒
SA 806 = 罽賓那
SA 807 = 一奢能伽羅
SA 808 = 迦摩
SA 809 = 福利等

On the matter of that last title (the sūtra about all the monks who commit suicide), it is called 福利等 (“great benefits, etc.”) apparently just because one of the first sentences in the text includes those characters. A title such as 不淨觀 (“impurity contemplation”) would be more descriptive and accurate.

Thanks. To be clear, the mistake is in the original text, am I right?

This is a bit of a pandora’s box, normally we haven’t changed our original texts at all. I’ll be correcting a bunch of punctuation in the Pali texts in due course, but I won’t touch the text itself, even in the few cases where there’a an obvious mistake.

Still, a title is not really part of the text anyway.

No, the mistake is with the titles given to the SA texts on SuttaCentral.

Originally the SA as presented on CBETA and elsewhere has no sūtra titles (just numbers).

However, some titles have been added in SuttaCentral, maybe using this source.

But that index and the corresponding titles on SuttaCentral have the errors described above. The titles can be corrected, and it has nothing to do with the texts as they appear in the Taishō.

Sorry, I should have been clearer.

Oh, okay, not a problem then. I’ve committed the changes, and they’ll show up in due course. Thanks!

I should have known this, but there’s just so many things, I forget what’s what.

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