Samadhi Movie 2017

Part 1


This doesn’t seem to be Buddhist. It tosses around Buddhist terminology such as anatta, but circles back around to one’s true nature, soul, timelessness - some kind of eternalist doctrine. Didn’t watch the whole movie, just enough to know not to spend more time on it. It is beautifully filmed, though.

I don’t see how it belongs on this site, particularly without any intro or suggestion for discussion. @moderators


I did some digging online and it certainly looks like it’s some weird mashup of modern spirituality. It does keep going back to the “true self” and that part you “that does not change.”

Not sure this is relevant to early Buddhism, but also I’m not sure how strict the submission guidelines for AV forum are.


I found it pretty interesting and thought it was worth sharing. Breaking dogmas, challenging the way we see things with our little concepts and frames that are familiar/comfortable to us is always good in my opinion.
We look for correct translations for pali words. Yet, we can’t seem to agree on one thing sometimes. Intellectually closest meanings might make sense but everyone experiences the meaning differently.
But please go ahead and remove if this doesn’t belong here.

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