Śāriputrābhidharma-śāstra and its influences

I recently attended some classes
given by a monk . In the class he mentioned After comparing the
4 Pali Nikaya and Samyukta
Agama and all the abhidhamma
shastra , he found that some of
Pali Nikaya being corrupted.
Especially , around beginning
of the the sectarian periods ,
were infused in the 4 Pali Nikaya
with elements from Śāriputrābhidharma-śāstra .
From the 4 elements developed to
6 elements , and the 5 lower fetters developed up to 10 fetters .
All of these were Influenced by
Śāriputrābhidharma-śāstra ,
in turn Which was influenced
by the Upanishads and Vedas.
So, basically , now that we could
be heading to further from the
Original teaching of Buddha .