Sāriputta's Upasampadā

Dear community,
does anyone happen to know in what year of the Buddha’s ministry āyasmā Sāriputta was ordained? Thank you, much appreciated!

Mettā 2u!

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On the going forth of Sāriputta and Moggallāna

Unfortunately, no hint as to the year of the Buddha’s awakening …

I think it’s generally understood that it happened in the first year. But perhaps you are looking for hard evidence? We don’t usually get much dating of things in the root texts. This telling from the Dhammapada commentary makes it seem like it was in the first year.



Thank you Snowbird, that is very helpful. That is OK, I think the commentary is of good help here.

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You might find more information if you dig here:
search on that page for Dīghanakha and you will see references in the Commentary to his enlightenment which took place two weeks after his ordination.

Also, Bhante @Dhammanando surely knows more.