Sarvāstivāda Minor Texts (stories)

I think this was not posted yet. Maybe no one thought it’s a Hinayana work. Since the bdk they are translating mostly Mahayana texts but this one can help understand that Sarvāstivāda sect a bit more. searched Bodhisattva it did not mentioned a lot. :joy: And it supposedly a 2 CE work. Translated after in China. But translators mentioned about having parallels with Sanskrit and Pali. And there is 2 times verses of udanavarga. More we can get out of it. So many stories. It’s moral examples. A little bit of everything genre at the last chapter. Enjoy . It’s very nice.

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I think this is probably one of the best.

Parable 82:
The Buddha Explains the Misfortune of
Profitable Offerings to the Bhiksus

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