Sati, sampajana, attention, and vinnana


I really appreciate what you’ve said. I approach the teachings and practice with careful contemplation and testing with the suttas and how I think it fits rather than hearing something and just taking it on as a view. Applying all of the teachings to my direct practice bears fruit over time.

I can think of lots of “teachings” that I embraced and later set aside after becoming more clear in my mind what the Buddha taught and what he didn’t. There are many teachers who I used to trust but no longer think are well grounded. So from what I hear, I take what I consider right and leave what I don’t.

I’m a solo practitioner so I feel a need to not let myself stray off course. That’s why I come to Sutta Central and D&D, because I trust the overall message here.


Could you elaborate on your distinction between bare attention, and being here or there? Do you mean not getting drawn into sense-objects?
And you you regard bare attention as an aspect of sati?