Save Internet Neutrality - again

(Continuing the discussion from US Residents, preserve net neutrality! )


Sad to say, but I think we’re gonna lose, the telecoms “bought” a large number of senators and congressmen.


Is it true that 90% of internet usage is for pornography?

Once these new regulations are in effect, telecom corporations will have the power to control economic access to the Internet via the price mechanism as it functions in a highly egalitarian society, and set their own standards regarding political content.

Perhaps they will even have their own Buddhist “right speech” experts on the payroll, who will explain to everyone why most dissenting political content should not be allowed, because it inherently uses pejorative language that sometimes hurts people’s feelings.

Apologies to the rest of the world that my country of origin has become such a mindless, greedy, corrupt racket. People here literally sitting by, watching and waiting for the hammer to fall on them from the Republicans (who are shamelessly in the pockets of lobbyists, oligarchs, and big corporations). Some people accepting their compromised, overtaxed lives not with a bang of opposion, but a whimper of passive acceptance.

The pendulum will swing back as it has historically in this country. People get fed up with being lied to and abused, and elections clean house and bring back more balance. So, this is the 2017-2018 money grab for the Republicans now that they are in power, and by 2020, many of these thugs will be swept out of power by constituents that wake up and understand they’ve been screwed by their own representative in Congress. But some of the damage being done now is likely irreversible, or will be difficult to reverse, even with Democrats in control of Congress.


2018 is just as, if not more, important. People need to buck the trend of low voter turnout in midterms. Given how crazy politics has become today, this is quite possible.


We had a letter from our Telecom provider today here at Mahapajapati. I have copied it below but have taken out the provider’s name.

Letter from Telecomprovider

Hi Sister,

We wanted to take this opportunity to answer questions from our customers about how the Net Neutrality decsion from the FCC will impact our services and offerings.

Today the FCC has voted to remove Net Neutrality assurances.

This is a decision that we at XXX are troubled and dismayed by. We are absolutely committed to treating all network traffic equally and we will never impose any restrictions on traffic other than attempting to assure fair access for all of our customers and maintaining the health of our network. Unfortunately, the Internet requires open access to all points in order to function freely, and our commitment to Net Neutrality will not be enough to assure you can use all sites and services equally. Once the traffic leaves our network, it will be subject to these impediments.

We buy our Internet access from wholesale commercial providers, it is now possible that these companies could decide to throttle or reduce speeds to some web sites and restrict access or charge fees for some sites or applications. Also your favorite site or application may get their Internet access from a company that will start to restrict access and increase costs and restrictions across the Internet.

We do not believe our commercial providers will impose these restrictions or limitations, and if they do we will seek bandwidth from competitors who do not. This may require that we increase our prices or make changes to our service offerings, but we will do everything we can to continue to offer free and open Internet at affordable prices.

We do not throttle or restrict any sites or applications, and we have designed our network to be resistant to any such limitations imposed by any outside parties to the greatest extent possible.

You can count on our 100% commitment to these principles. As we always have, we will continue to do our best to make sure you have access to every site and application equally across the entire Internet, and we hope you will demand the same commitment to freedom from all companies everywhere.

Thank You,