SC 2019: Number of available translations varies according to the language chosen

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When searching around the mettasutta yesterday I already saw that there is some inconsistency in the number of translations that are shown for this text, according to the language I choose. This morning I have explored this a bit more thoroughly.

At Snp 1.8 I’m shown 29 translations into other languages when reading in English. The same for Deutsch, Français, or Italiano, for example. If I choose Klingon I am shown 30 languages, the same for Saarländisch, Sindarin, or Aurebesh. That means that only when I have already chosen Saarländisch as my language can I see that there is a Saarländisch translation of the mettasutta, and the same for Farsi, Sindarin, Aurebesh, and a few others.

At Kp 9 it is similar, only that there is even more variation in the number of translations shown (the number varies between 19 and 23, as far as I can see; but I didn’t try out all languages), and overall, the mettasutta is sown in less translations.

I think the mettasutta is the text that has the highest number of translations on SC. So if the same problem applies elsewhere (which I didn’t test) it is certainly here where it is most relevant.

Bhante @sujato, @Aminah?

Site localisation issues

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Klingon translation of the mettasutta by Worf: SuttaCentral :wink: :joy:


:scream: <= (Karl restraining himself…barely…from implementing Klingonese for


I don’t know too much about the Klingons; but from what I’ve heard, they certainly can do with a bit of metta, can’t they?


Indeed. If Worf should ask, how could we refuse? :see_no_evil:


Much thanks, I’ve flagged this up for the Devs.


Thank you very much!

There’s still another thing I forgot to mention: When trying to read the Mettasutta in Saarländisch at Snp 1.8 it says “You’re offline”—which is not true. At Kp 9 I can read it.


I think the “offline” warning might be better reworded as “Internet request failed. Please try again later” or the equivalent. “You’re offline” is a bit of finger-pointing. :smiley:


It has been consistently so, each time I tried.


Yes. I see this too. I think the problem is that your name entry is missing some fields. The “null” is bad and Bhante @Sujato and/or @Blake will need to address this. The “source map” should have a short form and uid for you. These will be used in the url (e.g., mn1/en/sujato). What is showing up in the URL is snp1.8/sld/null. The null is bad.

  1. author: “Anagarika Sabbamittā”
  2. author_short: null
  3. author_uid: null


I see. Thanks for pointing out! In Kp 9 the URL is, so that’s why it is visible there.

But does that also concern the point I’ve mentioned first in this thread? I think not.


Thanks for this. It seems that this issue occurs when we fail to properly define the author, at the moment this is silently ignored since once upon a time it didn’t really matter who the author was, as in it didn’t prevent the text from being human readable (the author would still be mentioned in the meta data). Now that the author is a part of the URL it is critical that it be properly defined for the software to generate the correct urls.


That seems to have been the case for some, but not for all. I see that on staging it is fixed for the Amaravati Sangha (for kp9) but not the others. The others seem to have to do with 3-letter language codes (all the ones with a 3-letter language code are missing, amongst which Japanese). The authors for this are defined properly and this has been working before.

See ticket: Some translated texts not visible in menu · Issue #1370 · suttacentral/suttacentral · GitHub
(might have to be merged with some existing ticket)

Sabbamitta’s author info is correct:
“type”: “author”,
“uid”: “sabbamitta”,
“short_name”: “Sabbamitta”,
“long_name”: “Anagarika Sabbamittā”

And in kp9: <meta name="author" content="Anagarika Sabbamitta">


Remove the diacritical on the last “a”. I have discussed this with Aminah, since in some places my name was written with diacriticals and in others without. I am usually not using diacritics when writing my name, so it should be without everywhere. There should be no inconsistencies. (The other text next to the Mettasutta is this.)

Thank you for taking care! :anjal:


Thanks! My bad!
But I still cannot see anything wrong with Shoda Taikan (jpn) or Worf (kln) while Mr. Spock is definately present!