SC SN 40 moggallana , has a spelling error in the sutta title SN 40.4

should be “upekkha”, not “upekha”

here’s something that is curious about SN 40.2
the part of the sutta that talks about the defect of 2nd jhana, SC’s pali (and cst4 in DPR) says

. Tassa mayhaṃ, āvuso, iminā vihārena viharato vitak­ka­saha­gatā sañ­ñāmana­sikārā samudācaranti.

b.bodhi translates “vitakka” as both “thought and examination” rather than just “thought”.

checking BJT from accesstoinsight, they also have just vitakka

Tassa mayhaṃ āvuso iminā vihārena viharato vitakkasahagatā saññāmanasikārā samudācaranti.

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Actually it is spelled both ways.ā

You’re quite right, this is a mistake.