SC-Voice: feedback for fine-tuning Portuguese TTS voice (aka Ricardo)

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Way at the bottom?


I dont have that button.


Updated staging server available for testing. If that’s fine, I’ll update production.


It might be pending your acceptance of the invitation to join. Take a lot at notifications in the top right corner. Clic the bell.


Anagarike will need your approval of the staging site to publish the release to


As per above. I am happy with it in terms of Portuguese voice/TTS!
See you guys tomorrow! It is late night here in the Land Down Under!


Dont have that bell in my GitHub mate! :confounded:


Anagarika, let’s let Gabriel sleep and release tomorrow perhaps?




Don’t worry Gabriel. Tomorrow is just fine. Thank you for all your help today. We’ll puzzle out the Github permissions tomorrow.


Great work, y’all! @karl_lew @Gabriel_L :dolphin: :tada:


Got it now, invitation just popped up. Accepted it. Issue closed! :anjal:


Even more so :dolphin: :dolphin: :tada: :tada: :clap: :clap:



Formally you should listen to the staging server at your convenience even though you’ve approved the pronunciation in these posts. What is released may or may not be what was posted. Staging is what will be released.


@Gabriel_L, tomorrow also take a look at voices.json. This is the master voice file that defines the expected behavior of all the AWS Polly voices. The very last voice is Ricardo, starting at line 733. At line 766, you will see customWords and recognize the work we have both done today. Feel free to add/change new customWords with appropriate IPA as you see fit. The syntax of JSON is exacting, but not too complicated.

Anagarika @Sabbamitta, you also have rights to make Deutsch changes here as you see fit. I rapidly see myself becoming overwhelmed with translation fixes and would gladly delegate these changes to your most capable ears and fingers if you wish.

I’ll happily participate in IPA discussions. It’s quite fascinating to understand more about the languages of the world. I’m also certain I won’t be able to keep up with all the translators. :laughing:



another glitch :slight_smile:
Please, when you use the ‘@’ and you mean ‘Gabriel-the-veteran’ write @Gabriel_L


:see_no_evil: i did it AGAIN. Very sorry Gabriel and Gabriel_L.


Thanks @karl_lew, I have already added a customWord myself.

Any idea of when we will see it in the official SC-Voice? (@sabbamitta?)


As soon as you have tested the staging server and confirm that we can release. As Karl said here:


I think I have already done that. You can release it.
Also, see below zip with the translation for SC-Voice other localization texts.
language Wikis (10.4 KB)

Note I added few custom words in the code in GitHub already:

    "este": { "ipa": "'es.te" },
    "saṃyutta": { "ipa": "'san.niu.u.ta" },
    "majjhima": { "ipa": "" },
    "kamma": { "ipa": "" },
    "tathāgata": { "ipa": "tɐˈtʰaːɡɐtɐ" },
    "jhana": { "ipa": "ʒˈɐnɐ" },



Here it is: SuttaCentral Voice

:open_mouth: You’ve already done them all??!!!

I’ll edit the Wiki respectively.