SC-Voice: feedback for fine-tuning Portuguese TTS voice (aka Ricardo)

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Count on me. I found a few online resources that are very helpful in terms of writing down in IPA-speak how words should sound like.

Apart from the most obvious tools (Wikipedia, dictionaries, etc) I found to be very helpful. Mind that it has a per hour word limit unless you pay for it.

Happy to help!



:star_struck: Thank you so much!


@Gabriel_L, I just added the Portuguese ToC page. Isn’t there a Portuguese word for table of contents, like for example “indice”? The title should be different from the English title; we can’t have two pages with the same title. For now I made it “ToC-PT”, but if you have a better suggestion I am happy to change it.

I still added “(inglês)” to the bits that won’t be translated into Portuguese.

Please check if everything is okay.

@karl_lew, could you please set your iPhone to Portuguese for a minute and take that same screenshot for the Offline Listening page again? Thanks!


Reviewed both, made one change only. Good to go.


Did you change the title of t he ToC page? How did you call it? I can’t find it any more…

:mag_right: Found it and changed the link from the PT Home page respectively, so that it can be accessed again! :grin:


@Gabriel_L, working on the Procurar Wiki page:

For these examples:

  • mn1/en/sujato is the English translation of MN 1 by Bhikkhu Sujato
  • mn1/en/bodhi is the English translation of MN 1 by Bhikku Bodhi

you have:

mn1 / pt / sujato é a tradução para o inglês do MN 1 por Bhikkhu Sujato
mn1 / pt / bodhi é a tradução para o inglês do MN 1 por Bhikku Bodhi

This cannot work, since there are no PT translations by Bhikkhu Sujato or Bhikku Bodhi. It should rather be mn1/pt/portuguese_translator, and in case there are more than one, you can give a second example, like for EN. (You can insert your and Marco’s name as the first translator, even if those translations are not yet available; and if there is already a legacy translation for that sutta this can be the second example; better: choose a sutta that has a legacy translation.)

Please also review the following paragraphs in the same sense. Thank you!

Also, we should maybe adjust the letters in the “Scoring relevance” section. For EN we have M (matches) and F (fraction). Maybe for PT it should be C (correspondências) and F (fração)?

In the “RegEx” section:

EN has the example

e.g., root.*suffering

PT has

por exemplo, root.*Sofrimento

This too cannot work. The example should rather represent how this term is translated in the PT texts, preferably in the new segmented translations (that are of course not on SC yet, but will be at some point). The description should always represent what is found in the “real” product (the same for search term examples in another paragraph further up the page).

I edited _Configurações: Resultados da pesquisa_
to _Configurações: Buscar resultados_ as in the PT settings on Voice.

Find the page here: Procurar · sc-voice/sc-voice Wiki · GitHub

I still added this sentence to the “Índice e conteúdo” page:

Translating Voice UI gives some guidelines for translating the Voice interface into other languages (inglês).

If you could still translate it; thanks!!


Reviewed it. Please leave as it is. Thanks


just a heads-up for @karl_lew and @sabbamitta, I have just added a few customwords to Voice.JSON



You’re just incredible, Gabriel. I never dived into the waters of editing pronunciation, and you seem to swim quite naturally there! :swimming_man: :fish:


Thank you Gabriel!

I have pulled your changes and will incorporate them into a new release.