SC Voice – the road to v1

Today I fixed this:

  • 1,250 is mis-pronounced as ‘one two hundred fifty’

Hilariously, the fix also addressed this:

Therefore I must apologize for not being able to delay that fix. :rofl:


The same way I got the following list on faith (except I searched for “joy”). I ran the following grep over the unsegmented text folder:

grep -P -oihr "((\w+ )?){3}\bfaith \w+ ((\w+)?){3}" . | sort --unique

That produced a list which I then enjoyed manually checking for search results numbers and listening to excerpts from in order to produce the suggested list.

Now, particularly with some of the excellent points about bias and proper representation Karl has raised I have had to make sure I could account for my process. With respect to method, I am a keen fan of the both the methodical and the whimsical (balanced according to the need of context) and think that here they complement each other nicely.

In turn, I figured that, if we accept the above joy list (which was extracted from an original list of 60) then the number of extracted terms with respect to “faith” should proportional (with an original list of 141, I make it a final list of 16). However, I knocked off a few corresponding to visual estimate of, to all intents and purposes, duplication (by virtue of eg. capitalisation, or variation in plural, article and such).

After that, whimsicality, tempered by a not >10 rule, completed the selection as I just went through them (not even from top to bottom, but bit top, bit bottom, bit middle) and to my own tastes this step has a tolerable degree of bias (again thinking of the actual purpose of the given function I think the degree of distortion is 1) negligible 2) no or (possible less) greater than by other methods 3) not worth getting too tangled up about).

Lastly on the results numbers, I figure with some higher numbers and some very low the over all CPU damage should on average be acceptable.

Okay, so my suggestions on faith:

  • “freed by faith” (10)
  • “faith and love” (6)
  • “the outcomes of faith” (1)
  • “when faith vanishes” (1)
  • “do you have faith” (3)
  • “the power of faith” (10)
  • “mere faith” (6)
  • “lack of faith” (6)
  • “acquire faith” (1)
  • “I don’t rely on faith” (2)
  • “faith as partner” (1)

What do you think?


I am speechless with rapture.


Thanks for the explanation! :joy: :heart:

As I have no idea what grep means nor what the unsegmented text folder is your method seems to be restricted to adepts! :woman_mage:

Nevertheless, great that it works, and that we can flesh out our search phrase list!

My way of adding new items is certainly less systematic. It is rather when I come across something, like for example

(from here)

I saw it hasn’t been added yet, so I did it. :white_check_mark:


Grep, is one of my happiest discoveries of last year:

Like really, I think it’s a bit questionable how much I love grep (in very brief, it’s a powerful search tool the you can use through Terminal (the scary command line thing one can (and I have) used to break my computer)).

The “unsegmented” text folder simply means that I’m still on another planet despite having had to have a nap! :smiley: I meant “segmented” and was referring to the folder containing Bhante’s segmented files (I imagine you may know it from your work with the Vinaya - and yes, I know Vinaya results will actually be in the list too, but as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter given the rest of the process)


Oh and also, I think mixed methods is brilliant, so your way rocks!


Concerning your discussion on what are the important criteria for search phrases, I think that from whichever angle people approach the suttas, they will always end up with the way to the end of suffering. Simply because this is what the Buddha taught; he didn’t teach anything else. The whole mass of suttas are all an elaboration on the four noble truths, aren’t they?

Whether people are asking a question directly associated with their suffering, or they look for something inspiring, or whether they are just curious about how a certain concept developed over time, like this, their search will always lead them to the only thing the Buddha ever spoke about: suffering and the ending of suffering!


EXACTLY! :heart_eyes:


:clap: :clap: :clap:


Just here another example of someone searching a particular simile: Sutta with two men traveling along a road?


Aminah, can you please just apply it once more (hopefully without ruining your computer :sunglasses:) and search for wisdom, in order to complement faith? Until I find out how to make it work you’re already done three times! :pray:

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Yes, of course! Would you like the resulting list to make the selection yourself?

Added: well here you are if you want the raw list (1.4 KB)

In fact, what it occurred to me to do, was to have a quick scan for themes in Bhante’s introductory texts to the nikayas, and run a searches for whatever pops up there and add the lot to the list examples list and hope that will satisfy everyone’s interest in balance, fair representation and whatever else.

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Hey, @karl_lew, I know we said to leave English mispronunciations, but that was on the basis that in all instances thus far found it didn’t have any implications on understanding. With the following one, however, I think it might be worth correcting, but will leave the final assessment to you (in view of how much work it’s likely to take):

AN3.73, 14-5/26, Raveena, “a trainee”(she seems to drop off the “r” which in these cases makes it sound like she’s saying “attainee”. Okay, this isn’t technically a word, but if someone says it I think “oh right, one who attains” :smiley: )

I’m in split minds as to whether to bother about it, but if you think it’s worth it, add it to the list, I guess, otherwise please just ignore.


If it leads to confusion, I’d say it should be fixed. I was certainly confused as well. Add it to a release as a bug. :white_check_mark: Thank you!


I’ve added unfueled to the homographs—but actually I can’t imagine any instance where it could rightly be pronounced the way Amy does in AN 10.61 section 2 segment 3!! Maybe in Spanish? :thinking:


For eso see here: Quote or paraphrase: if this exists, that exists etc


Actually, that’s not a homograph. That’s a bug. Amy has a list of English words she knows about. If a word isn’t in her dictionary, she assumes it’s Pali. What you are hearing is Amy saying “unfueled” as if it were Pali.

I’ve fixed this for v0.9.2. Thank you!


“Fixed” in this case means you’ve added it to the list of English words?

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Yes. Here is the fix. I find these omissions myself now and then and I am sure we will see more, so keep listening! :wink:


Cool to see how these things work! Thanks! :star_struck:


Alrighty then, here’s a draft list of search terms produced (more or less) by the above described means. It has 146 items and I don’t have a clear idea of whether that is good, or if it would be better to be trimmed. If either of you would like to review / cut it down before adding it to the github list please do: scv-examples list (1.7 KB)