SC Voice – the road to v1


It is possible that an amount of those folks will have developed quite a different idea of what a bodhisattva is to what is found in the EBT and may actually be looking for something they won’t find in the texts (as an aside though, thanks, this reminds me I, I really meant to get round to finally reading Ven. Analayo’s work of the development of the Bodhisattva ideal.)

Sounds like a reasonable idea to me. Add it to v1?



Wait? Isn’t that the end of suffering? :fireworks: :darth_vader:
…but seriously, folks with rigid outlook tend to look in one direction–SuttaCentral contains early Buddhist texts and might be off their path…


Alas, I think it only means it starts all over again. :sob:


I just discovered this:


It actually works. Now my head is exploding a bit and I don’t know what to think…


Maybe just a few Modern Buddhist Sanskrit terms like dharma (Pali: dhamma), karma (Pali: kamma), etc…


Thanks for showing me the path to… the downloads; not quite to the end of suffering yet, but probably a step towards it!

Sounds good!

Don’t forget mettā in this list! :heart:

Wow! I wouldn’t have thought of this. I’d agree to leave blurb search and document the oddity—at least for the time being, and maybe make other decisions later when we have more experience.

Making a search synonyms list sounds good!

What’s wrong when something works???

Oh, it’s actually fun to get rid of things!


Yes. Those are all great things to put in synonyms.json for v1.0. I have updated the Release Plan with your suggestions. :white_check_mark: Thank you!

It was quite unexpected. Usually we have to work hard to put in a feature. Free features are the flying elephants of programming. :rofl:

I have now documented the feature as Alternate Spellings. The synonyms.json feature will use the existing alternate spellings feature. :slight_smile:

Yup. Got it! :white_check_mark:


Coming back to that one again: Does this mean the user has to be aware of the possibility of alternate spellings and enter all of them in their search query? So if someone only types bodhisattva this will only return the bodhisattva results?

In order to moderate the shock a little bit, would it be possible to have it the way that if any of the alternative words of a synonym group is entered, it will search for all of them?


This only gives English MP3’s right?

Would this incredible work of yours also enable Pali / English MP3’s, @karl_lew? Or Pali only?


Hmmm. I haven’t actually tried so don’t know if you could get Pali if you had those settings selected. :woman_shrugging:


It is English only currently. That’s the other thing that makes it difficult. I basically have to implement the feature differently to handle this. I’ll get to it as soon as I plow through all the pronunciation stuff. :slight_smile:


Ahh… I should probably pause listening to SCV for a while, otherwise the list of pronunciation errors will grow ever longer… !! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thoughts for search phrases:

  • A more precise phrase for at least one of the water similes: “pool with blue water lilies”
  • and for a fire simile: “fire burning” returns only one result, but the SC main site has also suttas with “fire burns” when searching for “fire burning”; maybe “fire burning” and “fire burns” should go into the alternative spelling list?
  • “against the stream”
  • “door to the deathless”
  • “oh my goodness!” :wink:



And yet, I can’t help… very sorry! :woman_shrugging:

AN 8.6 section 2 segment 61
mathenti: Aditi pronounces a long e, but it should be short (the syllable still becomes long because it ends in a consonant).


I know exactly what you mean!!!

Are you kidding? It’s such a valuable service!

I’m sorry, I don’t always follow all the posts very closely, but just out of curiosity would you say that that the items that you’ve found are in anyway prioritizable? So that maybe we include a certain number of them for v0.9.2, but have a cut-off point after that (I’m guessing there are going to be quite a few yet to be found) and then still gather any errors but add the rest to the to-do list we can return to?


I think this is a good idea!

How about we leave what we have so far for the v0.9.2 release and put everything from now on (beginning with what I’ve just mentioned) on a waitlist—unless I find something I consider really important.

@karl_lew, what do you think?


Yes, the v0.9.2 should still be amended to include important items (off the top of my head some criteria might be something like: very commonly used words or something so horrifically bad it would prevent someone developing in the Dhamma…? :smiley: )

As an aside thought, @karl_lew are any of the issues that have been found ‘patternizable’. That is, thinking about nasal chart in the OP, I was wondering if in some cases there might be a batch fix by tweaking a sound or something, or do each of these cases need to be handled individually? As ever, don’t worry about spending too much time answering to my idle curiosity.


There is no end to skillful qualities :rofl:

I think that when I go away and come back I find that you two have quite nicely arranged my life. Thank you.

If I clean my room half as often, each cleaning is twice as productive. In software engineering we would call this a design pattern and get promoted for saying such.

If you want we can give you access to sc-voice so that you can update the list as you see fit. All we’d need is to have you create a Github account. In terms of search terms, my only criteria for myself has been:

  1. is it a phrase someone suffering might ask?
  2. does it return a small set of suttas (<20) that address that suffering?

For example, a person suffering from emotional chaos might choose “head on fire” (9 suttas) rather than “fire burning”. This is why asking question #1 helps me tune the phrase. And the second question helps me choose between alternate phrases.


Curiosity strikes again!..

I have to admit I haven’t fully understood this one. I completely get (and agree with) the benefit of limiting things down so as not to overwhelm and to give an easy entry point, the bit I don’t understand is why we need to do this limitation by search term when the default search settings only show 5 suttas anyway.

The potential downside I see with this restriction (only on the basis that I haven’t yet fully understood the obvious benefit it naturally does have) is that as a result we might not include really good search terms that meet criteria point 1, which to me is of paramount importance.

Looking forward to being shown the light. :bulb:


I do have a GitHub account.

I agree that this is an important criterion.

In terms of similes I often love them quite a lot, and have tried to find search phrases that return suttas with these similes. Hence the “pool with blue water lilies”, or the “fire burning”.