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Two questions that were likely addressed elsewhere but I could not find answers to:

Is there a way to bookmark a specific discussion thread so it can be read at a later time?

Is there a way to search the Canon for key words/topics?

My apologies if these have already been answered. Many thanks.

With metta,

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I’m on a phone at the moment. If I look at any post I can see a heart symbol that I can use to ‘like’ the post. Next to that heart, there’s a ‘link’ symbol that I can use for sharing the post and then there are three dots. If I press the three dots it expands to show a ‘flag’ (if I want to flag the post to the moderators) and a bookmark symbol for bookmarking. Clicking that bookmark icon brings up a dialogue box.

Yes, there’s a search button on the main site. But I’ll just give a shout out to @karl_lew - the search king :wink:


If you are interested in keywords, a good place could be EBT-Site. This site has been developed on the basis of, but has even more emphasis on keywords. The site is still under development and hasn’t been officially presented yet, but has perhaps grown to quite a good functionality.

Here you can find an overview on how to use the search function on EBT-Site.


@Vic in addition to what Anagarika Sabbamitta mentions, we also have a super command line tool for Linux folks. That tool is scv-bilara.

The scv-bilara search engine does more than both Voice and EBT-Site, but it requires a Linux command line. Voice and EBT-Site both use scv-bilara for arbitrary keyword and phrase searches. Over time, however, we hope to build up the key phrase dictionary that informs both Voice and EBT-Sites so that all can benefit from these “Dhamma gems”. In fact, if you want to help us find key phrases, please feel free to nominate your favorite phrase if it isn’t already in EBT-Site or Voice.

However, for an academically thorough search, I would rely on SuttaCentral’s very own tremendous search capability. The Voice, EBT-Site and scv-bilara applications are only informed by segmented translations and are not academically complete.


Ahhh I was wondering where all the ‘phrases’ were going :smiley:

It looks great, and thanks for adding the link to the overview.

It might be worthwhile to have a thread dedicated to this on its own, so that it can be a handy resource and reference place with regard to these sites.

Beautiful work, thank you Sabbamitta and Karl :pray: :pray: :pray:


It looks like we can’t endlessly postpone the official presentation of EBT-Site … What do you think, @karl_lew? :thinking:



I think you are doing a great job of promoting EBT-Sites!


Thank you @sabbamitta. I will play around with it–there’s bound to be a learning curve. What a terrific resource this website is! Thank you all.


@stu–wish there was a way to designate 2 solutions. It seems there isn’t. Thank you.


… and I love it! :heart:

We discuss the addition of new search phrases in this thread.

In the Wiki section of EBT-Site there are a few instructions on how to use it for Sutta study. I hope they are helpful.