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This is not really a post; this is for the moderators. I just don’t know where to contact them other than posting.

Sometime in just the last two or three weeks, there was a thread where translation of the term atthaṅgama and it’s relation to nirodha was discussed, and I can’t find it. If a moderator could help out with this, DM me, and then just delete this post, I’d appreciate it.


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I did a search on nirodha and changed the sort from Relevance, which is the default, to Latest Post, and saw around five threads going back to April. It should be in one of those.
Instead of creating a post and deleting it later, a better option would be to just DM the mods by addressing the DM to @moderators
You could tag the mods in a post the same way, that way other forum members or mods could lend a hand.
With Metta,


Thank you. I’ll try to replicate what you did and see what results I get.

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I found it: