Searching pattern within list of pali sutta titles?

For example, if I’m interested in getting a list of pali suttas with “samādhi” in the sutta title, is there a way to do that in suttacentral? or DPR? Currently, on SC, searching for “samādhi sutta” returns interesting results, but not what I’m looking for.

On BPS, there is this:

But their sutta pitaka titles list seems to be very incomplete.

I think you could do that on VRI’s CSTCD. But I haven’t run on Windows for years now, so I couldn’t check.

Put that in the google search engine :
site: title:samādhi


We don’t have any filters on the search, I’m afraid, but it is something I’d like to do.

The attached file is a list of all the sutta titles in the CSCD edition of the DN, MN, SN, AN, Khp, Ud, Iti and Sn, along with their approximate location. In the case of the AN, where many suttas have no titles, I’ve also added the vagga and peyyāla names.

Thirty-one suttas have samādhi in the title.

Sutta Titles.txt.7z (18.4 KB)


Thanks Bhante!

By what process did you scrape that list? So I also know how to do it in case I want to search other canonical parts beyond what you listed?

And among that list of 31 samadhi suttas, only one is “samma samadhi” AN 5.113. At least in Burmese pitaka.

Thanks. It kind of works, but seems incomplete (didn’t seem like all 31 references).

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It only search in the HTML “title” tag of the page.
Not in the title of the sutta itself.

As a Mac-user I can’t use the CSCD Windows program and so on my computer I have the CD’s contents in the form of text files. Every paragraph in each file begins with a bulleted numeral indicating the nature of its content. For example, •12 is used before the title of the text; •21 and •22 are used to show the first and second lines of a gāthā; •1 is the body of the text; •13 for a vagga name; •14 for a sutta name, etc.

With most of the texts I produced the list by using the text processor BBEdit to select and copy all the paragraphs with the relevant opening tag.

With the Aṅguttara Nikāya it was a little more complicated as I wanted to preserve the vaggas and peyyālas too, and I wanted them in the right order rather than as separate lists from the sutta titles. So here I took the opposite approach: using BBEdit’s “Process Lines Containing…” function to select and delete all the paragraphs I didn’t need.

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