Secular Buddhists represents scientism

I would also like to add, when you make Buddhism “secular” you’ve also stripped away it’s religiosity. This goes hand in hand with corporations/individuals trademarking and registering Buddhist names, images, concepts, holidays, texts, translations, until it’s suddenly illegal in many places to use any of these at all. Given it’s not a religion anymore, that means it’s up for grabs. This is already the popular interpretation in the west, where bars are sold with the image of the Buddha on them en masse. Or weed shops in Vancouver called “metta”. It’s only a stones throw from euthanasia companies and devices named “bodhi” and “upekkha”.

After all, why not call it that? If you’re suffering, death is totally parinibbana if you’re a lay meditator. No need for an expensive good death, there’s no such thing as silly rebirth! Then we can get back to work when you’re out of the way-i mean in parinibbana.

when Buddhism is remade into a secular form, it suddenly becomes quite easy to align Buddhism with anything you could want. Or, more likely, what dominant socio-political forces would prefer. Such as capitalism, which prefers and promotes scientism.

Secular Buddhists represents scientism

Why write this post? It seems like secular Buddhists were leaving us alone.

I was not aware of the term “Scientism”. Thank you.

If there was high quality evidence for those things, those things would be considered science.

I’ve read interviews with Stevenson, a number of articles about him, and one popular book about his work. Stevenson himself didn’t consider his work as proof of rebirth.

Accounts of near death experiences have been culturally slanted. Christians see angels etc, people from other cultures see other things.


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