Seeking Dhamma Sisters or Brothers for Thailand Dhamma tour! (Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec)

Hello Dhamma friends!

I’m going to Thailand soon to visit Ajahn Chah branch monasteries, Maechee centres & Bhikkhuni monasteries and was wondering if anyone is also going and wants to meet up? Trips are more fun with Dhamma friends!

Planning to visit:
-Wat Pah Nanachat
-Wat Pah Pong
-Wat Marp Jan (Ajahn Anan)
-Ajahn Gunha (& Ajahn Sumedho if possible)
-Dhammananda’s Bhikkhuni centre
-Bhikkhuni monasteries near Chiang Mai
-Maechee centers & womens ashrams
& many more!

Open also to advice/ suggestions on where to go :slight_smile:



When were you planning on travelling?

Hi Viveka!
This is Anna ( I seem to have 2 accounts and had trouble logging in on the other). Planning to go September- November or december. :-).
I’ll send you a pm.

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