Seeking Modern Greek sutta translations

Does anyone know of good modern Greek sutta translations? There must at least be a Dhammapada translation out there. Ideally I am looking for digital/on-line resources.

Secondary question, is there a way to search SC to give a list of the Greek translations?

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Are there Greek translations available in SuttaCentral @Vimala / @sujato ?

No, I’m afraid we don’t have any Greek translations. We’ve never been able to locate any. If anyone can find some for us we’d be glad to host them. Otherwise, maybe in the future we could make our own!

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So, in the current version of SC is it possible to search for specific languages?

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Not really, but you can append the language code to the main URL and get a list of texts in your language, for example:

Returns a grand total of one sutta in Arabic!

Unfortunately on the old site we used the code gr for Gandhari, but it should have been Greek; this is corrected on the new site.

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No, but we have one in ancient Latin :smile:


And for better or for worse, Google can translate it from Latin …



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That’s what I had been looking for already some time ago. Now I know how to do it - thank you! :mag::grin:


The ISO two letter code for modern Greek is actually EL.

Thanks for the url tip.


This doesn’t seem to be working now. Any thoughts? Ven @Vimala?