Seeking Textual Sources of Two Vague Memories

Hello, kindly direct this to the correct forum with my apologies, if this isn’t the right place. Additionally forgive incorrect use of terms and kindly correct me.

Looking for the textual source of two readings I came across many years ago. My amateur searches thus far haven’t yielded the sources, which I’ve forgotten. It may be these are from other schools. Seeking clarity.

First is a reference to an Arahant who was unable to gather and eat alms food. Something would always happen that he would drop, lose or be unable to eat. V Sariputta saw this and determined to help him but also tripped and spilled the alms food before reaching the Arahant who “died” of starvation.

Second is a reference to a being who committed sexual misconduct and was reborn as a dog and then as a woman. This may have been in the commentaries.

Thank you.


The second one may be Arahant Isidassi:

The first one is in the Dhammapada commentary, but I’m having a hard time finding it.

EDIT: I was sure it was in the Dhammapada commentary, but I’ve looked at all the occurrences of “Sāriputta” in the English translation and I can’t find it. He is mentioned lots, so maybe I missed one. Hopefully someone else will know. Could be a Jataka. But I’m confident that this is a Pali commentarial story.


Thank you. The story of Isidāsī is enough to answer the second question though I don’t recall it specifically.

One source that might help is the full version of the Dictionary of Pali Proper Names, which you can find here:

We have an abbreviated version on SuttaCentral, but I took out all the references to later texts and stories.


By later, do you mean things like the Dipavamsa? Because most would call the DhpA later.