Sekha Sutta ( learner's and adept disciples)

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Can someone help me out on this !?
actually I have a question to ask with regard to below sentence from Sekha Sutta .
What does it mean by :

For or a learner’s He abide without touches the body and
For an adept He touches the body and abide.

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“Touching with the body” refers to direct experience. The “learner” knows what nibbāna is, but does not have direct experience of it. The “adept,” that is the arahant, has direct experience of nibbāna. Direct experience of nibbāna, extinguishment, just means that one has made an end of all defilements. The defilements are extinguished.


Here is what Ven B.Bodhi, in a note to his translation says in brief.
A trainee only has the five faculties as yet hence he does not fully experience the taste of Nibbana whereas the Arahant has the five faculties and the full experience of Nibbana as well.
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Thanks a lot bhante !

In response to your reply, about having directly experience nibbana, I am uncertain about the meaning of nibbana ! If I am not mistaken , nibbana means the dissolution of the 5 aggregates !?

Nibbāna means “extinguishment,” and the things that are extinguished are first and foremost the defilements. This extinguishment happens when you become an arahant. The extinguishment of the defilements is the standard definition of nibbāna in the suttas and it just refers to the living experience of the arahant. This is what you should expect nibbāna to mean when you come across it in the suttas. On rare occasions nibbāna can also refer to the dissolution of the five khandhas at the death of the arahant.


So, nibbana is not a kind of a Permanent State and also not that one abide at after death of an arahant ?!

no one knows and the Buddha wouldn’t discuss it, what’s certain is that there’s no more suffering and birth, if that’s the set goal to begin with, that probably should be enough

well , the meaning of nibbana also meant the dissolution of the 5 aggregates , then we can understand that there is no such thing as a State called nibbana !!! Because , then there won’t be any 5 aggregates to experience it or abide in it !!!

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What happens to a fire once it is extinguished? Does it become no-fire? Does it go to a no-fire dimension? Does it become a metaphysical opposite of fire (a sort of cold fire)?!

No, it just ceases… Check suttas like MN72, SN35.28, Ud8.1