Seven aspects of Vipassana?

I listend to the following video (Sanhala language) and this monk is talking about seven aspects of Vipassana.
They sounds like

  • Kalapa Vipassana - Seen Nama and Rupa
  • Ugala Vipassana - Seen object and subject
  • Shana Vipassana - Seen object of object once
  • Patipali Vipassana - Seen object of object and so on for as a line
  • Dithi vipassana - Seen the thought I am doing Vipassana
  • Mana Vipassana - Seen I am a better vipassana practitioner
  • Tanha Vipassana - Seen my vipassana is the best

Sorry, this seems like bit mumbo jumbo.
Are any of you familiar with this?
Then what is the source?

These books might prove some clues: I doubt whether this is EBT though:

with metta

Which book?
There are 21 books.