Several new Āgama translations

Several new translations are now available from the Saṃyukta Āgama (606, 610, 615, 620, 621, 623).

A few translations used on SC are old versions (revisions are made occasionally). To make the updates easier, I have generated a collection of SC HTML files, available here. If there are any problems with the formatting, please advise.


I’ve uploaded it. Thanks for that! The formatting is perfect!
Just note that the metaarea does not need sc-paragraph numbers.


Okay, thank you. I must have been looking at a faulty source file as my reference.

I wrote a script to do the formatting automagically. It implements a little templating system and converts from the XML sources into HTML. The process is driven with a makefile.

A few more (1, 3, 195, 371, 374, 383, 451, 746).

And a SuttaCentral archive of converted files:

Eight new short texts, and a few edits for older translations. If there are any mistakes with formatting or something else, please let me know.


Done. But I left the translations from Bhante Analayo online. We will eventually go to a system where several versions of the translation will be featured.

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Sure, that’s fine. I’m just generating and packaging my āgama translations each time. Whether they are used, stored away, or whatever, is completely your choice.

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And very much appreciated too! Thanks for the great work!:anjal: