Share Near-Death-Experience close to sutta

So I was seeing this Near-Death-Experience on youtube and others. Which I think makes suttas come alive.

One experience of a woman says exactly what is said in Digha Nikaya which close to sutta

“For these are the portents of Brahmā’s appearance: Light shines forth and a radiance appears.”

Meets creator of the universe

If you want fastfoward to 7:38min

The way she experienced makes the point of sutta a bit clear. She experienced the Creator as telepathy in her mind. When she thought ‘…Creator of the universe’ thats when she heard ‘I am the Creator of the universe’ etc then ‘oh my god, you know everything’ she hears, ‘I know everything’

Kinda makes me understand that’s not something apart from you. Like sutta wants to explain. Thats why the real point is that we dont have to see it as something saparate from us. As me and other thing. Just because without us there is no experience.

Thats why we are the end of conciousness. Out of us comes experience. :exploding_head:

Then I saw this next video of the Doctor who studied NDE 30 years. There is mention of monks and conciousness @ 7:00 min and later in the video again

Doctor says NDE is not expectations…

I have to see again Bhante Sujato video again about NDE. Saw it many years ago.

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