"Shilling for Friends"

This is my first essay posted (and I solicited feedback from several others first before this post):

… by cooling off our egos - which is a very Buddhist thing to do - and eschewing the quicksilver popularity contest on Social Media platforms, we will preserve our peace of mind and sanity, from at least secluding ourselves from all the harmful psychological effects characteristically found on those platforms. Grassroots-run, privacy-friendly alternatives do exist - where we can still talk with much-more-neighbourly friends and peers online - which respect our privacy, and don’t turn us into unwitting corporate shills.

If those alternatives aren’t enough of a platform for you, and you have a larger message to share with the world (than those alternative platforms will allow), then please put your time and money where your mouth is, and rent an inexpensive VPS of your own, buy a domain, and run your own Indie website. You can syndicate through RSS, and thereby cut out any unethical middleman taking advantage of the connection between you and your RSS subscribers.

“If you don’t pay for the product, then you are the product:”