Should the forum's material design theme be replaced with original as default?

IMHO, the material design theme for D&D should be just removed. It sucks and makes it all look too sketchy, especially if you browse the forum from your smartphone most of the time.
I would like therefore to ask the group’s opinion in that:

  • Yes, let’s revert back to the forum’s legacy theme
  • No, I like this new theme better and would rather keep it as the forum’s default

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Thanks for you input!


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I’m really tech-ignorant. What does this mean? The font and stuff?

Yep. You can change to legacy theme in settings

Cool. I am actually, now that I have looked at the old theme again, very partial to the Dark mode setting. I find it much easier on the eyes when using a mobile device.


I like legacy but also find dark to be much easier on the eyes. Therefore I refrain from voting.

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I agree with both @Coemgenu and @ERose that the Dark Theme is really comfortable for the eyes, though I also like the Legacy Theme.


We can keep the dark theme as well as the MD theme while having the old theme as default. @Sujato?

What about setting the old one as default, then keep the others as options for now?

When we have time, we could do a new color scheme for the site, just change the header and a few things. And maybe we could introduce a Dark theme based on the default theme.


I set the legacy theme as default now. But please look at the admin panel under Customize. There is another MD theme which I never worked out further: Discourse MD Stock Theme. Maybe you want to work on that one a bit further. The fonts have been imported. That’s the official one from Discourse and you can just import the MD color scheme in that.

That one looks like this:

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